Art Railings

Vega Metals, Inc. is a collaborative team of full-time Artist-Blacksmiths, specializing in Art Railings, Art Furnishings, Site Specific Sculpture and Architectural Ornamentation.

A great deal of Vega Metalsí finely crafted hand forged architectural metalwork has been designed, produced and installed since 1985. Due to the extensive amount of work created over the years, we can offer only a limited selection on our website. No matter how small and simple or large and intricate our work, we reap enough rewards for a lifetime knowing our metalwork will endure far beyond many lifetimes.

When the spirit is pervaded by a passion, an undeniably powerful life force is awakened within us. We become creatively driven, our dreams become more prolific and clear, we reach deeper within ourselves where the energy resides. We expand and grow as human beings with greater substance and integrity. As blacksmiths, this fullness of the heart keeps us focused, compels us to live, breathe, and consume all that relates to our personal passion for working metal.

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